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Need Help with Mortain Documentary

Discussion in 'Information Requests' started by J. Martin Cooke, Feb 14, 2002.

  1. J. Martin Cooke

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    Feb 14, 2002
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    If you have already seen this post, please forgive me, but I'm looking for help in numerous places associated with this project....)

    I am currently doing a documentary on the battle of Mortain, France which took place in August of 1944. Although my late father was in the battle on Hill 314 in Mortain, this production is not about him, but about those who participated in it, regardless of which army or nationality.

    To date, we have interviewed numerous former U.S. troops, particularly members of the 2/120th. 30th. Infantry Division. I am, however, most interested in contacting additional members of the U.S. forces as well as members of the 1st. and 2nd. Panzer Divisions and/or members of any other group involved in the battle, in hopes of gaining greater insight into what happened at Mortain and possibly interviewing them on camera.

    Without the the U.S., German and French perspectives on this engagement, it is difficult to get a complete picture as to what happened and to provide an objective viewpoint, as we would only have one side of the story.

    There are many people I know who have been back to Mortain on numerous occassions, looking for answers as to what happened there. My family and I traveled to the site for the same reason, as if drawn to it. For us, it's a special place as my father almost died there and following the battle he considered each day of his life "a gift".

    I believe that family members and participants of the battle would be greatly served especially by having the German soldier's perspective, which has been exceedingly difficult to obtain. If you, or anyone you know, was involved in the battle and would be willing to contact us regarding it, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Our plans are to continue to shoot interviews and reenactment footage here in the U.S. until late May. At that time we will travel to Mortain and Caen, France to shoot interviews and reenactors on location. Following June 6, we plan to travel to Germany in hopes of doing interviews there at that time.

    The hope is that we can create a very objective documentary which will provide those who were there, the family members of soldiers (of each side) and the general public with insight on a significant battle which has been all but forgotten through the years.

    Any help or insight you can provide on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

    I may not be on this site very often, as I have been going to so many sites asking for help with information, etc., however, I can be reached through one of the email addresses below:

    Thank You & Very Sincerely,

    Martin Cooke
    SonRise Production Group




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