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New Obituary Section

Discussion in 'WWII Forums News' started by Otto, May 3, 2014.

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    It's fairly well known that we have a very active WW2 Obituary section, used to record the passing of WW2 veterans, as well as an Obituary area for veterans of other wars. These are areas we've all seen the activity of The_Historian, and he deserves a salute for his diligent efforts. :salute:

    I was recently contacted by TD-Tommy776 about creating a new area for obituaries for persons relevant to the WW2 era, but did not actually serve in WW2, so create one we did. Thanks to Tommy for recognizing the gap in our coverage and suggesting a solution.

    The new section is called the WWII Era Obituaries (non-military service) and is set a sub-forum of the Roll of Honor & Memories - WWII Obituaries. If you see any obituaries that fit into these categories, please consider adding them to our rolls. On more that a few occasions we've had people stop in and find obituaries that had been taken down from their original sites and were only available were on the WW2 Forums.

    Thanks to both The_Historian and TD-Tommy776 for their help memorializing these historic people.
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