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New Zealander - Brigadier George Clifton DSO,MC

Discussion in 'North Africa: Western Desert Campaigns 1940 to Ope' started by brkeseel, Sep 13, 2014.

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    Jul 27, 2014
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    I've just finished reading 'The Happy Hunted' by Brigadier George Herbert Clifton for the second time - an enlightening and entertaining read. Clifton served with the Second New Zealand Expeditionary Force in Greece and North Africa, was captured on the 4th of September 1942 at Matruh (he met Rommel twice - pre and post first escape attempt - the two had a couple of quirky conversations) and proceeded to attempt to escape no less than eight times throughout the course of his incarceration. He succeeded finally with the ninth, in Germany, after which he found the American line and returned to service just as the war was coming to an end.

    Can anyone tell me what happened to him after the war? I.e. what his post-war occupation was, where he resided, family, etc? I've found his record on the Auckland War Memorial Museum database and perused other immediate google search information - I was wondering whether anyone in the NZ RSA/military history community might know anything in addition.

    He's such a compelling character - I want to know more about him.
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