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NFT Project: The War

Discussion in 'Art of War' started by marneman, Dec 31, 2021.

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    May 25, 2013
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    I realize I may be walking a delicate line here, so I'm trying not to shill this thing too hard. Please let me know if this is over that line.

    Last year I co-founded a WW2-related NFT project (google it if you need more info on what those are). It's called "Courageous Cards" and it brings together all of my passions for ww2, military history, digital art, etc. We are creating these digital trading cards (art) which will encompass all major fighting units, leaders, events, etc. for all major participants (USA, ENG, GER, JAP, etc). The cards feature artwork on the front, and various details on the back.

    We are in the process of partnering with some key museums, ambassadors, and others. A portion of the proceeds will go towards keeping the stories and collective memories alive for future generations. Yes, I was royally ticked off when I discovered how the Second World War was "condensed" in my daughter's history books at school. Damned-near disrespectful.

    Any way, our first set of 235 cards is coming out in Q1/2022, and focuses on U.S. Ground Forces. Subsequent sets will cover air, naval, and amphibious forces. Then, we'll do the same for the other nations. It will all funnel into an online card strategy game we've been building (called "WarDuel").

    The images below are cropped/snippets, and not complete or full-resolution (as the forum has a size limit I guess), but will give you an idea of what the actual NFT art and game look like. At any rate, just wanted to post something about this here on ww2f. I've long been a fan and lurker of this forum (albeit slow to load at times), and I was thrilled to discover there was a sub-forum for art stuff!

    Rock of the Marne!




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