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North American B-25C Mitchell

Discussion in 'Allied Bomber Planes' started by Jim, Aug 25, 2010.

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    Entering service with the USAAF during 1941, the B-25 went on to become one of the Allies' main medium bombers, serving in every theatre of war with a wide range of air forces. Mitchells from the American 310th, 321st and 340th Bomb Groups featured prominently in the carpet bombing of the monastery at Monte Cassino which took place on 15 February 1944.


    North American B-25C Mitchell [​IMG]

    • TYPE: Five-seat medium bomber
    • ENGINES: Two 1,350 hp Wright R-2600-13 Cyclone 14-cylinder air-cooled radial engines
    • WEIGHTS: Empty 21, 100Ib (9,580kg) Loaded 34,0001b (15,422kg)
    • DIMENSIONS: Wingspan 67 ft 7 in (20.60 m) Length 52ft I 1in (16.1 m) Height 15ft 9in (4.80m)
    • ARMAMENT: Six 0.5 in Browning machine guns in nose, dorsal, ventral and tail positions plus up to 6,000 Ib (2,722 kg) of bombs PERFORMANCE: Maximum speed 292 mph (470 km/h)at 15,000ft(4,572m)Range 1,635 miles (2,631 km) with a 4,000 Ib ( I ,814 kg) bomb load. Service ceiling 24,000ft (7,315m)

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