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Discussion in 'WWII Films & TV' started by Mussolini, Apr 2, 2018.

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    I found this interesting TV show on Netflix called 'Occupied'. Its a Norwegian TV series set in the very near future.

    The US is energy self-sufficient and has pulled out of NATO. Norway has shut down its Oil and Gas production and has developed Thorium technology that is supposed to be a cleaner energy source. The EU and the Russians are not happy about this and are having major energy crisis themselves. So the Russians decide to occupy Norway and restart the Gas and Oil production.

    Thats the plot in a nutshell and while I understands its not a WW2 movie/film/show it certainly parallels Nazi Germany. The Russians use the excuse of protecting their interests and their citizens as their reason for a military occupation of certain areas of Norway. Sounds awful familiar doesn't it? The Russians also make extremely unreasonable demands that Norway can not meet but because Norway wants to avoid all out war with Russia (which they know they will lose) they try their best. Then you have a collaborator - an intelligence guy who is trying to keep the peace with Russia by working for them, trying to hunt down the Free Norway 'terrorist' organization. People are hating on him and his family for this.

    The Russians also stage a terrorist attack to give them a reason to stay in Norway after their 'contract' is up, murdering a journalist who had discovered that all the Russians killed in the attack had been in jail up until 2 weeks before hand (as opposed to being oil rig workers) half of them being murderers, rapists, etc.

    Quite interesting to see how its mimicking Nazi Germany, with the US being Isolationist etc. I am wondering if events will trigger a WW3 - the British and French did send air squadrons at one point, but with no armaments so was an empty 'threat' against Russian aggression.

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