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Otto - Gaylord Texan - Grapevine, Texas, USA

Discussion in 'WW2 Forums/Forces Postal Service' started by Otto, Jul 11, 2022.

  1. Otto

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    Jan 1, 2000
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    DFW, Texas
    Username: Otto
    Sent: 5 July 2022
    Postmark: 8 July 2022
    Received: 11 July 2022
    From: Gaylord Texan Resort - Grapevine, Texas, USA

    For the third year I took the family to spend July 4th at the massive Gaylord Texan Resort. The waterpark was the main attraction for the kids as it took the edge off the 100°F heat wave were are experiencing in Texas. The impressive fireworks show is always a highlight of our visit.

    Happy slightly belated 4th of July to the good Rogues of the WWII Forums!



    postcard from July 4th at the Gaylord Texan 2021
    postcard from July 4th at the Gaylord Texan 2020

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  2. USMCPrice

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    Nov 15, 2009
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    God's Country
    So, now that you've had the chance to acclimate; how do you like being a Texan?

    Also, have you had a chance to do the Riverwalk in San Antonio yet? It's cool and beautiful.

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