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Out of the Night - Operation PERCY PINK documentary

Discussion in 'WWII Films & TV' started by TD-Tommy776, Dec 10, 2018.

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    The Land of 10,000 Loons
    Operation PERCY PINK was an August 1944 OSS mission to work with the French resistance in the Dordogne Department in their efforts against the German occupation. On the night of 11 August 1944, a group of 13 OSS agents parachuted into France near Gadouin. Some of the OSS agents in this operation were also participants in the ill-fated Operation RYPE.

    This French documentary tells the story of the allied efforts to assist the resistance in the Dordogne Valley of SW France. From the official website, Hors de la Nuit:

    "For the first time we tell the story of how the allies helped the French resistance fight the Nazi occupation
    of France. With eye witness interviews with 'Maquis' fighters, unseen archive of secret parachute operations.
    We tell the story of WW2 in the Dordogne valley in SW France."
    Here is a 20-minute teaser for the film which has English subtitles:


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