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Polish Gold Reserves Returned By Bank of England

Discussion in 'WWII Today' started by GRW, Dec 3, 2019.

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    "Poland has repatriated £4billion worth of gold from London to Warsaw in a top-secret operation involving planes, helicopters, high-tech trucks and specialist police.
    A total of eight night-time flights were made from an undisclosed London airport over the course of several months this year, transporting 8,000 gold bars weighing 100 tons to several locations in Poland.
    The country's gold reserves have been stored at the Bank of England for decades, having been evacuated from Poland at the outbreak of the Second World War amid fears they would fall into the hands of Nazis.
    But Poland's nationalist government has now begun repatriating the gold in order to 'strengthen the country'.
    Security firm G4S International Logistics were given the task of transporting the gold, which it described as one of the biggest movements of gold between banks in the world.
    A spokesman said the final trip, which happened on November 22, saw trucks take 20 crates filled with bars from a facility in northwest London to a nearby airport.
    The transport was given a police escort and tracked from overhead by a helicopter."

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