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Polish Slave Worker's Letter Found

Discussion in 'WWII Today' started by GRW, Jul 8, 2020.

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    Wonder if they survived?
    "A chilling letter written by Nazi slave workers has been found hidden inside a bottle during renovation work at an old railway station in Poland.
    The scrawled 'message in a bottle' was uncovered behind a wall by builders in the small town of Nowe Skalmierzyce.
    During World War Two, the town in central-western Poland, was encompassed into Hitler's Third Reich.
    Dated 1941, the letter written by two Polish men called Jan Karalewski, 39, and Wladyslaw Sobanski, 41, says: 'The two of us, both from Kalisz, have walled up this sheet of paper as a reminder.
    'Whoever finds this piece of paper will remember Hitler's war against humanity, like when the Teutons expelled people.'
    Teutons was a reference to the Teutonic Knights and used as slang during WWII to refer to German soldiers."
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    The "Teutons" is from the pre-war, unofficial (but very popular, to the point being considered for the national anthem) Battle Hymn of the Polish Republic. The Teutons represented pre-Nazi Germany - Poland was threatened by Germany for hundreds of years and occupied for over a hundred.

    We won't forsake the land we came from,
    We won't let our speech be buried.
    To the last blood drop in our veins
    We will defend our Spirit
    Till into dust and ash shall fall,
    The Teutonic Order's windstorm.


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