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Rape of Manila

Discussion in 'Massacres and Atrocities of the Second World War' started by 10cents, Nov 21, 2007.

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    Nov 16, 2007
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    General Douglas MacArthur supposedly called Manila after the 30-day battle to take the city, "the most devastated city in the world, next to Warsaw.” Obviously, he wasn't aware of Nanking, China.

    Historians say that Rape is a strong word but it still wasn't strong enough to described what happened to the city. The Americans arrived hoping to take it easy but the Jap naval commander in-charge had other plans. He thought it better to fight to his last man and, if need be, the last resident of the city.

    That's an excerpt from the book WARSAW OF ASIA: THE RAPE OF MANILA. It has been dismissed though as “not well written.” Although I highly doubt if perfect scholarly work can hide the horrors of war. It's mostly the testimony of survivors.

    50,000 thousand Filipinos died and the city, considered as one of Asia's most gracious then, was reduced to rubble.

    The Philippines has 20 million Filipinos before the war. After the Japanese occupation, it was 1 million less.

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