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RCAF Personnel - Honours & Awards - 1939-1949

Discussion in 'WWII General' started by macrusk, Aug 5, 2008.

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    I found the link to RCAF Personnel - Honours and Awards, at the Air Force Association of Canada Heritage Section. An amazing amount of information. http://www.airforce.ca/wwii.php

    The following is only a portion from AA to AM - in fact this part only picks up to the first few ADAMS!

    compiled for the Air Force Association of Canada by
    Hugh A. Halliday
    1594 Delia Crescent
    Orleans, Ontario
    K4A 1W9
    (613) 830-8366
    Acknowledgement: This data base has been prepared with generous assistance from Surgeon Commander (ex F/O) John Blatherwick, CM, CD, MD, New Westminster, British Columbia.
    Hugh Halliday welcomes written comments, additions or corrections sent to his home. His email address is hughhall@attcanada.ca.

    AARON, F/L Thomas Richard (C6794) - Commendation for Valuable Services in the Air - No.8 SFTS - Awarded 1 January 1943 as per London Gazette of that date and AFRO 55/43 dated 15 January 1943 - Born 4 January 1918 at Fort Stockton, Texas. Enlisted in Ottawa, 23 September 1940. Posted to No.1 GRS at date of award. Subsequently transferred to US Army Air Corps.

    For twenty months Flight Lieutenant Aaron has been employed as a flying instructor, flight commander and examining officer at No.8 SFTS, during which time he has flown 1,370 hours. He has always set a high standard of devotion to duty and his pupils have shown that they have received painstaking and accurate instruction. An outstanding officer whose enthusiasm and department have been exemplary.

    * * * * *

    ABBEY, WO James Ernest (R82627) - Distinguished Flying Cross -No.58 Squadron - Award effective 13 January 1944 as per London Gazette dated 25 January 1944 and AFRO 644/44 dated 24 March 1944. Born in Ottawa, 5 January 1916. Home there. Former shipper. Enlisted Ottawa 20 January 1941. Trained at No.2 WS (graduated 14 September 1941) and No.7 BGS (graduated 13 October 1941). Cited with F/L A.I. Sladen, DSO (RAFVR, pilot) and F/O A.J. Starr, DFC (RAFVR, navigator). Incidents cited occurred 1 and 4 January 1944. With No.58 Squadron, 4 August 1942 to 5 April 1944; to No.7 (C) OTU, 5 April 1944 to 22 May 1944. LAC on 1 May 1941; Sergeant 25 October 1941; Flight Sergeant 25 October 1942; WO2 on 25 April 1943; WO1 on 25 October 1943; Pilot Officer 7 March 1944, promoted to Flying Officer effective 7 September 1944. Repatriated to Canada, October 1944; released 5 February 1945. Presented 1 April 1949. Photo PL-39733 taken April 1949 with his wife and mother immediately after investiture.

    One night in January 1944, Flight Lieutenant Sladen, Flying Officer Starr and Warrant Officer Abbey were pilot, navigator and wireless operator/air gunner, respectively, of an aircraft which attacked a fully surfaced U-Boat. In the face of considerable anti-aircraft fire, Flight Lieutenant Sladen pressed home his attack from a low level and straddled the vessel with his depth charges. In the operation, which was executed with great skill and accuracy, Flying Officer Starr and Warrant Officer Abbey co-operated excellently with their pilot. Three nights later this crew attacked another U-Boat which was straddled with depth charges from a low level. Flight Lieutenant Sladen, who has completed an extremely large number of sorties, has invariably displayed great skill, courage and leadership of a high order. Flying Officer Starr and Warrant Officer Abbey have also completed very many sorties and have rendered most valuable service. They are highly efficient and have set a fine example of determination and devotion to duty.

    * * * * *

    ABEL, F/L George Clayton (J7526) - George Medal - No.36 Squadron - Award effective 28 April 1944 as per London Gazette of that date. Born in Grayson, Saskatchewan, 1909. Home in Melville, Saskatchewan. Enlisted in Regina, 14 August 1940. Served in ranks, commissioned 1941. Trained at No.2 WS (graduated 17 August 1941) and No.5 BGS (graduated 15 September 1941). As of 20 May 1942 he was at No.3 RS overseas; as of 7 August at No.7 (C) OTU, and as of 20 November 1942 at No.36 Squadron. Presented November 1946. Photo PL-18007 taken 16 April 1943 shows him in India.

    In November 1943, Flight Lieutenant Abel was a member of the crew of an aircraft detailed for an operational sortie. Shortly after taking off the pilot was compelled to make an emergency landing, and on touching the ground the aircraft burst into flames. The crew, who had taken crash positions, proceeded to leave the aircraft through the emergency exits. Flight Lieutenant Abel, with his companions, had travelled a distance of approximately sixty yards before he realized that one member of the crew, the rear gunner, was missing. The aircraft was blazing furiously and ammunition was exploding. There was also the grave risk of the petrol tanks and the bombs exploding. Flight Lieutenant Abel, ignoring the imminent danger, returned to the aircraft, calling on the other members of the crew to follow him. The rear gunner was discovered trapped in his turret which, together with the exists, had become jammed. Efforts were made to turn the turret but this the rescuers found to be impossible. Flight Lieutenant Abel then smashed the perspex with his bare hands and succeeded in dragging the rear gunner clear of the wreckage. When all were about twenty yards from the aircraft the first bomb exploded, and the aircraft was soon completely destroyed. By his courage and leadership Flight Lieutenant Abel undoubtedly saved his comrade's life at the risk of his own.

    NOTE: Public Records Office Air 2/5038 has extensive documentation about the incident which occurred on 27 November 1943 (Wellington MP803). The aircraft had taken off on an Air/Sea Rescue sortie; ten minutes later it had to make an emergency landing. Abel was recommended for the George Cross on 23 December 1943. Other members of the crew were F/O G.W. Bowes (RCAF, J7651, navigator), F/O L.H. Regimbal (RCAF, J10149, pilot), P/O Fox (navigator, not further identified), Warrant Officer J.L. Victorsen (RAAF, AUS.407629, rear gunner), and Warrant Officer F.L. Hannah (second pilot, RAAF, AUS.405177). Not clear where it was downgraded to George Medal but most likely at Air Ministry level.

    * * * * *

    ABELL, F/O John William (J36330) - Distinguished Flying Cross - No.431 Squadron - Award effective 19 January 1945 as per London Gazette of that date and AFRO 471/45 dated 16 March 1945. Born in 1910, Goderich, Ontario. Home there; enlisted in Toronto, 15 June 1942. Trained at No.6 ITS (graduated 2 April 1943) and No.4 AOS (graduated 1 October 1943). Commissioned 1943. Medal sent by registered mail 17 April 1952.

    This officer has participated in numerous sorties and has displayed a high standard of navigational ability throughout. On a recent occasion he took part in an attack on Wanne Eickel. Whilst leaving the target area the aircraft was hit by anti-aircraft fire. Flying Officer Abell was wounded. He was given first aid, and although suffering acutely, he did everything he could to assist in navigating the aircraft home. He set a fine example of fortitude and devotion to duty.

    * * * * *

    ACHESON, F/L John William (J12544) - Distinguished Flying Cross - No.576 Squadron - Award effective 8 September 1945 as per London Gazette dated 21 September 1945 and AFRO 1704/45 dated 9 November 1945. Born in Toronto, 1914; home in Montreal. Enlisted in Montreal, 8 July 1941. Trained at No.1 ITS (graduated 27 October 1941), No.1 EFTS (graduated 31 January 1942), and No.2 SFTS (graduated 30 July 1942). Commissioned July 1942. Repatriated 14 May 1945. Invested with medal in Montreal, 25 November 1949. No citation other than "completed...numerous operations against the enemy in the course of which [he has] invariably displayed the utmost fortitude, courage and devotion to duty." Public Records Office Air 2/8749 has recommendation dated 15 April 1945 when he had flown 33 sorties (215 hours), 27 October 1944 to 4 April 1945.

    27 Oct 44 Cologne 16 Jan 45 Zeitz; aircraft
    2 Nov 44 Dusseldorf damaged (flak)
    4 Nov 44 Bochum 22 Jan 45 Duisburg/Hamborn
    6 Nov 44 Gelsenkirchen 8 Feb 45 Politz
    9 Nov 44 Wanne Eickel 14 Feb 45 Chemnitz
    11 Nov 44 Dortmund 20 Feb 45 Dortmund
    18 Nov 44 Wanne Eickel 21 Feb 45 Duisburg
    27 Nov 44 Freiburg 23 Feb 45 Pforzheim
    29 Nov 44 Dortmund; aircraft 2 Mar 45 Cologne
    damaged by flak. 5 Mar 45 Chemnitz
    3 Dec 44 Urft Dam; bombs 7 Mar 45 Dessau
    brought back on 11 Mar 45 Essen
    M/Bomber orders. 12 Mar 45 Dortmund
    17 Dec 44 Ulm 15 Mar 45 Muisburg
    22 Dec 44 Coblenz 16 Mar 45 Nuremburg
    28 Dec 44 Bonn 31 Mar 45 Hamburg
    31 Dec 44 Osterfeld 3 Apr 45 Nordhausen
    4 Jan 45 Royan 4 Apr 45 Lutzkendorff
    14 Jan 45 Merseburg

    Flight Lieutenant Acheson, a Canadian officer, has completed 33 operational sorties as captain of a Lancaster bomber operating in Bomber Command. He has made many successful attacks on heavily defended targets in Germany, including Cologne, Dusseldorf, Dortmund and Essen. He has also made numerous deep penetrations to attack targets when fighters have been active, including Merseburg, Chemnitz and Nuremburg. His unconquerable spirit of determination under these trying conditions to achieve his objective has undoubtedly inspired a high standard of morale in his crew.

    On two occasions Flight Lieutenant Acheson's aircraft has been damaged by anti-aircraft fire, but this has in no way deterred him from pressing home his attacks with the utmost skill and determination.

    Flight Lieutenant Acheson has acted as Flight Commander and has shown outstanding qualities of leadership. His courage, tenacity and endurance have led to a fine record of achievement, and I very strongly recommend him for the award of the Distinguished Flying Cross.

    * * * * *

    ACORN, Sergeant Elmer Keith (R76639) - Commended for Valuable Services in the Air - No.7 Bombing and Gunnery School - award effective 1 January 1946 as per Canada Gazette of that date and AFRO 82/86 dated 25 January 1946. Enlisted in Edmonton, 28 October 1940.

    This non-commissioned officer has served as a drogue operator at this unit for 26 months. He has been outstanding in his devotion to duty and has set an example to all his associates by his efficiency.

    * * * * *

    ADAIR, Flight Sergeant Fulton Muir (R100752) - Croix de Guerre (France) - No.15082 GCI, 21 Sector - Awarded as per AFRO 1619/45 dated 19 October 1945. Home in Cannington, Ontario. Enlisted in Toronto, 8 April 1941; repatriated to Canada, 12 August 1945. No details or citation in records in Canada. Public Records Office Air 2/9645 gives unit and citation.

    From D-Day until the fall of Paris, Flight Sergeant Adair was in charge of the major part of the men and equipment of 15082 GCI [Ground Control Interception] and was at all times in the front of the battle. His unit was responsible for the ultimate destruction of over 50 enemy aircraft. His skill and devotion to duty, his coolness and judgement in the face of many difficult situations, was a fine example to all those who worked with him.

    * * * * *

    ADAIR, Corporal Lewis Gowen (R210932) - British Empire Medal - Air Armament School, Mountain View - Award effective as per Canada Gazette dated 13 June 1946 and AFRO 660/46 dated 5 July 1946 - Enlisted at Vancouver, 7 January 1943. Medal presented July 1948.

    This non-commissioned officer has demonstrated outstanding ability and supervises the work of two sections, involving work of a highly trying nature in the maintenance of aircraft. His initiative, determination and his willingness to put in long working hours has set an example to all personnel of the squadron and has contributed greatly to the general efficiency of the Unit and the war effort.

    * * * * *

    ADAM, LAC John Rooch (R84372) - Mention in Despatches - No.9408 Servicing Echelon (No.62 Base in AFRO) - Award effective 1 January 1945 as per London Gazette of that date and AFRO 425/45 dated 9 March 1945. Recommendation found in DHist file 181.009 D.1719 (PAC RG.24 Vol.20606) which give name as John Roach Adam. Fitter IIE, home in St.Catharines, Ontario; enlisted in Hamilton, Ontario, 14 January 1941; served eight months in Canada, 36 months overseas.

    Leading Aircraftman Adam is one of the hardest working and most conscientious airmen in the Repair and Inspection Section and can be depended upon to complete his work speedily and thoroughly. On his own initiative he has put in many hours of overtime working on aircraft and by his fine spirit and devotion to duty he has set a splendid example to his comrades.

    * * * * *

    ADAMS, G/C Albert Oliver (C90) - Officer, Order of the British Empire - AFHQ - Awarded as per Canada Gazette dated 13 June 1946 and AFRO 660/46 dated 5 July 1945. First World War pilot with RFC/RAF. Enlisted in Ottawa, 1 June 1926. Commended by British authorities in letter to Department of External Affairs dated 5 May 1942 for valuable services as a conference evolving common standards of airworthiness for the Empire. Awarded presented 1 December 1948. Retired December 1952. Received Queen's Coronation Medal, 28 October 1953 when on retired list, living in Ottawa. Photo PL-39640 shows him seated at desk.

    During the present war this officer has served in the capacity of officer in charge, Aeronautical Inspection District, Commanding Officer of a Repair Depot, and as Director of Repair and Maintenance and Director of Aeronautical Engineering at Royal Canadian Air Force Headquarters. This officer has always endeavoured to improve methods and procedures in the engineering field. While in command of No.8 Repair Depot he completed a treatise on control and administration of service Repair Depots for which he was highly commended. The entire service career of this officer has been marked by an unselfishness and conscientious devotion to duty and his energy and diligence has been an example to all those who have served with him. The results achieved by Group Captain Adams in the field of Aeronautical Engineering have been produced on many occasions under very trying conditions. It is considered that the services of this officer are of the highest order, and marked by a patriotic ideal that merits recognition.

    * * * * *

    ADAMS, F/O Donald Albert (J27509) - Distinguished Flying Cross - No.425 Squadron - Award effective 1 December 1944 as per London Gazette dated 8 December 1944 and AFRO 337/45 dated 23 February 1945. Born at Donavon, Saskatchewan, 1921. Home given variously as Donavon and Vancouver. A waiter and farmer. Enlisted in Saskatchewan 29 May 1942. Trained at No.7 ITS (graduated 20 December 1942) and No.2 AOS (graduated 25 June 1943). Commissioned 1943. No citation other than "..in recognition of gallantry and devotion to duty in the execution of air operations against the enemy". DHist file 181.009 D.1730 (RG.24 Vol.20607) has recommendation dated 16 September 1944, when he had flown 34 sorties (161 hours ten minutes) in a tour from 9 May to 31 August 1944.

    A navigator of outstanding ability, Flying Officer Adams has recently completed a tour of operations, among which included bombings on important targets such as Stuttgart, Hamburg and Kiel. Throughout his operational tour, he displayed great skill as a navigator. On all his thirty-four sorties he reached the target on time.

    On 25th July 1944, this officer and his crew were detailed to bomb Stuttgart. On the run-in to the target, the flak was intense and it was necessary to do two orbits. Flying Officer Adams, displaying magnificent courage and under adverse conditions, was able to bring the aircraft back on course. Despite the heavy flak, the target was bombed with success.

    Of a retiring nature, Flying Officer Adams has shown outstanding skill as a navigator. At all times he has kept before him the necessity of a successful attack. He has exhibited a dogged determination in his efforts to bring all his sorties to a successful conclusion.

    His remarkable skill, his gallantry in the air and his unselfish devotion to duty under the most trying conditions are deserving of the highest praise. Keenness coupled with intelligent understanding of a job make for effective bombing.

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