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Reactivating the Golden Eagle Standard of the Napoleonic Italian Army.

Discussion in 'Non-World War 2 History' started by ItaliaLegion, Feb 16, 2020.

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    Feb 15, 2020
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    Napolean Bonaparte was the first to contest the Russian Zars.

    He uplifted the Golden Eagle Standard.

    I diehardly knowing the day will arise when a new European military leader to rise to the occasion and unify Europe into to one utopic nation .
    I vigorously feel the need to indulge in my own personal spiritual endeavors with the dark Realm of the once lands that stretch from Spain to Italy to Germany . The New Visigothic Realm .

    Just this time around , instead of using the Golden Eagle Standard I have come to my own terms that I will instead invent such a thing called "Black Eagle Standard of infantry warfare".

    This venture I have been in full pursuit of, is something I cannot say, there's no particular word for it. The only thing that I call it that makes the title have meaning is Social Republic.
    I do believe in a Social Republic that has its own military branch , which I would persist to call these volunteer fighters of the Social Republic "Street Fighter Battalions" uniquely designed for urban street to street warfare against insurgent communist . The ranking system will be that of the system I had designed incrementally in my head pondering over time .
    A ranking system truly designed for infantrymen.
    1. Combat Apprentice
    2. Combat Apprentice of the 2nd class.
    4.Privateer Specialist
    6.Scout Corpral
    7.Platoon Corpral
    8.Master Corpral
    10.Platoon Sergeant
    12. Master Captain


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