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Role played by Soviet women in defeating the Nazis

Discussion in 'WWII General' started by Brandon Lee, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. Brandon Lee

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    Aug 13, 2015
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    Historically, due to Western views, the woman soldiers, sailors, and pilots of the USSR and other countries remain invisible while American and European women serving in Western military forces are shown as an example of equality between the sexes.
    Nevertheless, is a well-known fact that the “Eastern Front” during the Second World War was full of woman combatants: Their role in defending territories like Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia refutes any views that women are only able to fight in Western military forces because of the myth that they enjoy a certain level of equality. Soviet amazons challenged the views that woman (unlike men) are simply maternal creatures tied to life that cannot form a large presence in the armed forces.
    Moreover, Soviet women went to the Eastern Front to fight against Germany and its Axis allies in direct combat roles that included bomber pilots, tankers, machine gunners, infanteers, and grenadiers. 800,000 women went directly to the Eastern Front, which was really a mere fraction of all those who volunteered and wanted to go. By 1943 about 8% of Red Army personnel were women, which meant that almost one out of ten people in uniform was a woman.
    The military mobilization of Soviet women played an important role in defeating German Third Reich in Europe. Soviet women combatants did not have to choose between being women and soldiers.
    Unlike in the Soviet Union, women in the West were not viewed as authentic soldiers. When Soviet women were fighting as tankers, snipers, and pilots to defend Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, and the entire Soviet Union, from Sevastopol to Stalingrad, they essentially had no Western counter-parts.
    Despite the historical record, the West still believes that it is globally pioneering the road for women and gender equality, which is why Western media praise the role of their women as pilots without any cognizance that others have been way ahead of them.
  2. Skipper

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    Jun 6, 2006
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    I you take the time to browse through our threads and type some of the famous Soviet women names, you'd be surprised to see how many threads would actually show up. Their contribution is a well known fact.

  3. Sheldrake

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    Jan 5, 2013
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