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Rowland Todd

Discussion in 'WWII Obituaries' started by GRW, Jan 1, 2020.

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    "Rowland Todd, also known as Ronnie, died in Belfast City Hospital just one day after his 97th birthday.
    He will not only be remembered for his exploits in the war, but also for his work as pastor in Malvern Assembly Church on the Shankill Road in Belfast.
    Mr Todd was born in east Belfast and, bar his service years, lived his entire life there.
    Following the breakout of the Second World War it is believed that Mr Todd, who was just 17, lied about his age to join the 1st Battalion of the Irish Rifles, as soldiers had to be 18 to serve in combat zones.
    He served for the duration of the war against the Axis forces and was posted all around the world in such places as France, Italy, Egypt, the Middle East and India.
    Mr Todd refused the opportunity given to him by Field Marshal Montgomery to return home from the conflict following the death of his elder brother Bill, who was killed in Norway.
    Mr Todd became pastor of Malvern Assembly Church in the early 1960s and retired in 1987.
    Despite his retirement he continued to work in the church and preached to the congregation in his final years."

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