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Russian WWII Strike Power

Discussion in 'Russian Motorised Weapons' started by Jim, Nov 10, 2007.

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    Russian Mechanisation.

    This panoramic drawing, showing a number of Russian fighting vehicles making their way along narrow, winding terraces through low hills, gives some idea of the varied and highly mechanised character of the Red Army during WWII

    Tanks: Five Varieties.

    The tanks shown were: (1) Fast cruiser tanks of 16 tons with 2-inch quick firing cannon. Bundles of stout branches called fascines were slung on the rear of these tanks and were used to assist the tank over deep ditches or traps.
    (2) 30-ton tanks whose main armament was a 3-inch gun. Small two-wheeled trailers are pulled behind, carrying drums of oil for replenishing the fuel tanks. (3) Small 8:1/2 ton tank, equipped with 45 mm cannon, being carried slung on its own trailer. This saves the tracks and suspension mechanism from needless strain. The trailer can also be used for taking the tank back to the repair depot if it got damaged. (4) Flame throwing tanks. (5) An amphibious tank, which could cross fords and small streams without having to wait for a bridge.

    Mechanized Artillery

    Russia had many of these heavy guns (6), which could be manoeuvred over difficult country by means of their caterpillar carriage. (7) Small mobile anti-tank guns. (8) Anti-Aircraft guns. (9) Fast armoured cars for reconnaissance. (10) Quadruple machine-guns mounted on lorries to protect troops against low-flying planes. (11) Light field gun and carriage.


    Fighter Planes

    In the lower left corner fighter planes of the Red Air Force are being serviced and refuelled whilst hidden among bushes and trees surrounding the airfield. The planes shown were: (12) The 1-5 B Chato single-seat fighter, which was armed with 4 machine-guns and has a speed of 240 M.P.H (13) The 1-16 B Rata-speed 290 M.P.H armed with 2 cannon and 2 machine-guns. (14) One of Russia's latest fighters, heavily armed with cannon and machine-guns, which was reported to nave a speed of 350 M.P.H. and to reach 15,000 ft. in four minutes.
    The planes seen in the sky were SB-1 medium bombers, which closely resembled the American' Martin. Their top speed’s 250 M.P.H. and bomb load 1,100 lb. They were powered with Wright Cyclone engines. A later development, the SB-2 had a greater speed and longer range.

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