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Saint-Manvieu-Norrey War Cemetery

Discussion in 'Saint-Manvieu-Norrey' started by Jim, Aug 28, 2010.

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    2,183 graves: 1,623 British, 3 Canadian, 1 Australian, 556 German.

    From mid-June 1944 until the liberation of Caen on 9th July, clashes were numerous in this sector: the Battle for Tilly, operations EPSOM and JUPITER and the taking of the aerodrome at Carpiquet on 6th July. British and Canadian Troops sustained large losses in these assaults.

    From the Route Departernentale a path laid to lawn leads up to the cemetery entrance. The borders with numerous species of flowering plants : Asters, Cotoneasters, Potentilla, Meadowsweet, clumps of Heather and Lavender Escallonia and Vegelia, provide a great variety of flowers and scents. The entrance between two pillars opens on to the lower corner of the cemetery. It is divided right across into sixteen squares of graves; each row is marked by a clump of purple Berberis. Amongst the perennials, yellow roses are predominant in the first section whilst in the second most are pink. German graves, which are more numerous than in other cemeteries have been placed at each end. There are big trees on the periphery: Horse chestnuts, Silver birch, Yoke-elms, Sweet chestnuts and a magnificent Catalpa.


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