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Semi-Newbie with CMBO wishes PBEM anybody?

Discussion in 'Combat Mission' started by cmbobbak, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. cmbobbak

    cmbobbak recruit

    Jul 21, 2011
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    Hi I bought CMBO from gog.com for $9.99 digital download. I am playing a couple of games on Welcome to the Blitz -TheBlitz and realy realy enjoy it, everybody seems to say CMBB/CMAK are much better and indeed I'm going to buy them from battlefront.com , but My experience with CMBO has been like finding the grail of games. I only like PBEM dont like real-time anything such as chatting or gameing so this led me around the internet looking for players for CMBO that led me here.

    It's a decade old but to me its better than any modern game I've played, I've learned tanks put sandbags on the hull , thats genius! just like the game.

    I'm not a WW2 buff but I like the WW2 setting for games, I dont know if this makes me welcome or not here, but If you want a small battle of CMBO PBEM email me

    gamer has been found now thanks

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