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Soldiers of Fortune - The Hesse Jewel Heist

Discussion in 'Post War 1945-1955' started by dgmitchell, Apr 27, 2009.

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    May 9, 2008
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    I am not really sure where to put this, as it relates to a post war theft of jewels from a German castle. It is in part a military story and in part a legal drama.

    Throughout history soldiers have helped themselves to the riches of their foes. Indeed, the promise of booty was long the primary reason men went to war, their desire to acquire by theft what they’d never attain by rank or merit driving them to risk their lives in conflicts whose moral or political goals held little interest.

    While the greatest looters of World War II were undoubtedly Germany, Japan, and Russia—each stole untold billions of dollars in art, industrial equipment, and individual wealth—soldiers of all the combatant nations helped themselves to the possessions of others. And while the U.S. military attempted to curtail looting, American soldiers were certainly not above “liberating” items that caught their fancy, especially in the European theater. Most of these thefts were smalltime and spur of the moment. But as the war in Europe wound down, a trio of drunken, brazen, and almost comically inept thieves—all of them, regrettably, U.S. Army officers—managed to pull off one of the most lucrative wartime thefts in history.

    For the full story:

    Soldiers of Fortune - The Hesse Jewel Heist » HistoryNet
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    Actually just watched a programme about this, and a film about the affair was on the other week without me realizing it was actually a true story.
    And they nearly got away with it.

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