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Some images from Polish community in Manchuria

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hyusu, Jan 6, 2018.

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    Jan 6, 2018
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    I thought I would share some photos I found from around the interwar era of the Polish community in Manchuria if anyone is interested. None of these photos are my own, credits to where I found them given below each image. Captions I put are roughly translated from the original websites.

    The Polish community in Manchuria had its roots in Tsarist times when Polish workers were brought from the Russian partition to construct the East China Railway. From them a Polish community grew in the city of Harbin with lasted until 1949. Poles had various community organisations, a church, and schools for the youth. During WW2 Poles were not viewed as enemies by Japan and so the community was allowed to continue to live in Manchukuo. However some Poles were already leaving, for example young men who wished to serve in the Polish forces fighting Nazism back in Europe. After the end of the Chinese Civil War the remaining Poles were informed they were not very "welcome" in the new Communist China and the vast majority were repatriated to Poland.

    Poles in Harbin with priest Władysław Ostrowski, 1930s
    Między Mandżurią a Ciechocinkiem

    Polish youth of the Henryk Sienkiewicz school


    Polish consul Skowroński in Harbin (on the left) 1931

    Polscy założyciele chińskiego miasta Harbin poszukiwani

    The board of the Polish Association "Gospoda Polska" in Harbin, 1926

    Polonia w Harbinie w Chinach

    Finally here is a nice link from the 'Harbiners Club' in Szczecin (a modern organisation which helps to preserve the history of Poles who lived in Manchuria): Historie Polonii mandżurskiej - wystawa fotografii Klubu Harbińczyków w Szczecinie.
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