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Suicide bomber almost kills Australian aid worker

Discussion in 'Free Fire Zone' started by CAC, Dec 3, 2019.

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    Watched a segment on the 7:30 report on ABC last night. A story that's been a few years in the making. The Australian was meant to be with Australian soldiers, but they weren't in that area so went with American soldiers instead. He was supposed to be kitted out by the ADF,but the vest he was given by the ADF which is superior to the American vests didn't fit him, so he wore a helmet and an American vest.
    Interestingly, a much longer version of the vision gives a lead up to the explosion. The footage was taken by an American soldier's helmet camera. The same soldier who, with another soldier were tasked with protecting the Australian. As the footage shows, the soldier was 50 odd meters away from him when the child suicide bomber detonated.
    The lead up footage shows the camera soldier spotting a man walking with "orange hands" and calls ahead to have him stopped...he wasn't stopped and he walked on. (Hint of an attack No.1) They move up to a bizzare/market and spot a bunch of tools left near a building...One soldier calls out the fact, knowing tools are expensive and to leave them is suspicious. Nothing is done (Hint of an attack No.2)
    A couple of Australian special forces men were shown the footage and added that they knew two children were being groomed for suicide missions in the area...I dont know if the American (reserve) soldiers knew of this though.
    Footage shows the child approach the Australian dressed in pristine white (Hint of an attack No.3)
    The 7:30 program showed the footage after what is shown here, the camera soldier took cover then moved toward the now downed Australian. Two turnaquets were applied and support ordered in. David Savage took 64 ball bearing hits, the equivalent to 8 shot gun shots, says his doctor.
    After an investigation the American soldiers were found (by the ADF) to have acted well and professionally. And took no responsibility for his injuries and basically left him to his own devices - Fortunately we have an organisation here in Australia called "Soldier on" and they have helped him fromthe start to put his body and life back together - He is still very bitter at the Australian Defence Force for their stance on the action.

    Moment before aid worker is almost killed in bombing

    Managed to find the longer footage: Australian injured in Afghanistan suicide bombing says Defence inquiry ignored crucial evidence
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