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Tanks in World War II - Forum Rules and Policy

Discussion in 'WWII Forums News' started by Roel, Jan 24, 2006.

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    Welcome to the Tanks in World War II Forum.

    This forum is supervised by a team of Administrators and Moderators to ensure that it remains a place for reasonable civil discussion, effective exchange of information and harmless relaxation for all members. To achieve this, we will constantly and indiscriminately enforce the following rules. If you detect any violation of these rules anywhere on the forums, please inform the Forum Administration immediately by sending a Private Message to Ricky, Roel or Christian.

    Treating other members
    Be polite; treat all members equally.

    Always treat your opponent in a discussion with respect. Personal attacks are not allowed on the forums; offensive or derogatory remarks are strictly forbidden. They do more harm than good to yourself and to the forum as a whole. Personal attacks include any remarks that may harm your opponent’s credibility, pride, integrity, or public standing, if such remarks have no relevance to the debate.

    If you’re going to tell someone they’re wrong about something, then do it respectfully and back it up with valid arguments.

    Swearing is not allowed on the forums.

    When asked to present sources to back up your claims, do so. Asking for and presenting sources is perfectly legitimate and helpful. If you fail to present good sources to back up whatever statement you made, people will not accept the statement. Therefore when you do not have good sources to present, be prepared to accept that others will not agree with you. Do not persist in claiming something that you cannot prove, but that others can disprove.

    Users can only be held responsible for their own words; interpretations are subjective and should not be blamed on the original poster.

    When your point is misinterpreted, misunderstood or taken out of context by other members, clarify. Do not attack other members personally in the event of misinterpretation but make it clear, by posting content, that they have read your words wrongly.

    When you feel that you have been subject to a violation of any of these member’s conduct rules, do not take matters into your own hands. Replying in kind will be considered as equal to the initial violation and will be responded to equally. Instead, reply only to reasonable arguments presented by the opposition and inform the Forum Administration.

    When participating in a thread, stay on topic as much as possible. Start a new topic instead if you want to follow up a sidetrack from the original topic or if you have a related question.

    Post new topics in their appropriate sections; there are sections for almost every subject on the forum so you should be able to find a good place for your query.

    Post positive content as much as possible. Do not post to enlarge your post count; make sure that your posts have a purpose, be it informative, entertaining, or in reply to others. Posting to attain a higher rank is strictly forbidden.

    It is not allowed to post under more than one username. This because it is misleading and disrespectful to your fellow members of the forum.

    - If you want to change your username : Contact the forum administration and ask if we can arrange it for you.

    - If you have forgotten your password : Click 'I forgot my password' at the login, then follow the instructions. If this doesn't work (you need a valid e-mail address for it to work), then you're allowed to register under a new username (but you should let yourself be known to both the administration and the forum immediately).

    Personal signatures or avatars are not allowed on these forums.

    Commercially, sexually, religiously tainted or otherwise offensive usernames are not allowed.

    Admin Intervention
    Whenever one of the rules above is violated, the Admin will intervene. When Admin intervention is required, members are invited to send Private Messages to call them in, as they may not always notice violations in time. This also counts when you feel insulted even though the personal attack is implicit or vague. Whatever you do, do not reply in kind but wait for a Moderator or Administrator to intervene; until then, try to ignore any personal attacks or insults or leave the topic in question. When a violation of the Forum Rules is indeed detected, the Admin will follow a standard procedure to deal with guilty members.

    Users who have committed a violation of the Forum Rules, however mild, will be issued one warning by the Admin; generally this will come in the form of a Private Message outlining exactly what the member did wrong and what will be expected of him/her in the future. This is your only chance to improve your behaviour. Whenever the Administration finds itself required to intervene against any given member more than once, said member will be instantly banned and removed from the Forums.

    When an Admin has decided that a member is to be banned, this decision is not open to discussion. There will be no appeals. No attempt to influence the Admin in their verdict will be considered at all. The warnings given to you by Administrators and Moderators should therefore be taken very seriously.

    Thank you for reading the Forum Rules. When dealing with members in the future the Admin will assume that all members have read and understood the Rules and that all members strive to act accordingly.

    The Tanks in World War II Forum Administration
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