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The 52 tunnel road

Discussion in 'Military History' started by GRW, Dec 13, 2021.

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    Just watched this on a progarmme called Abandoned Engineering. It's some achievement.
    "Strada delle 52 Gallerie (Road of 52 galleries) is a military trail built during World War I on the massif of Pasubio (Vicenza, Italy). This extremely dangerous track winds between nozzle Campiglia (1,219m) and the gates of Pasubio (1,934m) crossing the southern side of the mountain. The track was built in this position to be away from the Austro-Hungarian artillery fire, with its pinnacles, deep canyons and sheer rock faces.
    This trail crossed the area of Pasubio and was the theatre of a series of bloody battles, for which reason it was christened the "Sacred Area of Italy", in remembrance of the many soldiers who died there. Along the trail are preserved many memories of these tragic wartime events: in particular, the Road of Heroes (Strada degli Eroi) which was almost entirely excavated in the rock, to allow supplies to be brought to the Pasubio front from behind the lines, safely protected from the fire of the Austrian artillery. Troup movements and protection plus dominance of the strategically important valley below were the reasons for such a challenging undertaking. What makes it famous are the stunning views and the legend says that you can’t just go there only once. The true surprise that people most often don’t expect when coming to this place is the huge difference of temperature from the bottom to the top, and even from halfway to top."
    Strada delle 52 Gallerie, a WWI military mule road

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