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The bombing of France by 8th Air Force , and Ike

Discussion in 'Massacres and Atrocities of the Second World War' started by 7DWARF, Feb 4, 2014.

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    Feb 4, 2014
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    I just discovered the quote of Pierre Closterman about the RE 8 order , delivered by Esenhower , and concerning the scheduled destruction of all the major cities of France . He quote a long and hard struggle between Churchill and Ike , Churchill trying to prevent this criminal project . The 8th air force was managed by Cutiss Le May , Eaker , and Spatz , who were a kind of american soldiers for which any non American was hardly more than animals . Their only love was for the carpet bombing . They spent their life developing this awsome terrorist mean that we saw in Viet Nam in the only task they were good at : killing mass of civilians .
    Well, I am amazed to find so few information about this question .
    Helas, in spite of the Churchill action, the pre-Overlord destructions of french towns were maintained , and for almost no war advantage . .
    I recall that , about all the war destructions in France, the largest part has been the American bombing job .( rate >10/1 with the destruction made by the german army ) . Some of them being led as clear terror raids wich aimed at terrorizing the french population. .( The raid over Rouen on Apr 1944 , where a French Spitfire fighter who protected the 8th air force B17, was about to fire at the US bombers who just had flatly destroyed half of this city without bombing the railway station ( which was the official target !) too much protected by Flak .
    Does someone knows where I could find a sample of this text ( <<RE 8>>order from Ike and the struggle between Churchill and Ike )?

    I am a bit surprised , because later on , when Ike was president and was giving his advices to his young successor JFK , Ike showed a severe distrust to those " doctor strangelove " : the Curtiss Le May squad ,and the weapon lobby .
    May be he had evolved , but the question is worth being studied .

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