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The German War Cemeteries

Discussion in 'World War II Cemeteries' started by Jim, Aug 29, 2010.

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    "Reconciliation over the tombs, working for Peace." ​

    The Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgraberfürsorge, a people's association for the care of German war graves was founded in December 1919. It deals with the care of all German war cemeteries abroad, on behalf of the German Government and fulfils other missions in the sphere of human rights. It is widely supported by the people of Germany whose moral and financial support is indispensable and completes government aid.

    The work of the Volksbund personnel is assisted by numbers of voluntary helpers. Under the direction of a National Bureau and a Regional Superintendant based at Marigny, the guardians have charge of one or more cemeteries. The gardeners are trained on site and work in teams, moving from one cemetery to another. Regular appeals for help are made to Youth Camps.

    La Cambe War Cemetery​


    It is difficult to give figures but several hundred thousand visitors come to the German War Cemeteries in Normandy every year. Being on the circuit of the Landings and accessible from the main road La Cambe is the most frequented. Marigny, Saint Désir and Orglandes, away from tourist itineraries, get only a few visitors daily.

    A few wreaths and bouquets placed discreetly at the foot of grave-stones mark the passage of a parent or close relative or friend. Most visitors are not Germans. Most visits are brief and are beyond political considerations. Remarks in the visitors' Book, all nations included, largely echo the message of Peace, of the Volksbund clearly stated by its motto "Reconciliation above the tombs, working for Peace."

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