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The Home Guard is Four Years Old

Discussion in 'The Home Front' started by Jim, Sep 26, 2010.

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    Progressive development had been the keynote during the fourth year of Britain's Home Guard army, which was first formed under the title of Local Defence Volunteers on May 14th 1940. Rose at a time of crisis, ill-prepared to withstand the enemy attack that was expected, except for the indomitable will of its members, the Home Guard became a well trained, well equipped force which could call halt to any invader. Among the achievements in 1944 had been the abandoning of the fast outdated weapons and a steady increase in the supply of the latest ones. In this year, too, the Home Guard first manned the coast defence guns, and was given priority for A.A. units all over the country, including 3.7 in batteries. At this time there were four General Headquarters Schools and 27 travelling training wings, an increase of one in each case on the year 1942-43. Well over 200 Home Guard Motor Transport companies now existed, using some 13,000 War Department vehicles.

    On June 11th 1943, it was stated that the provisions of the Army Pensions Warrant of 1943 would apply to all Home Guards and their dependents as in the case of members of the Regular Army, and on September 25th 1943, the War Office announced that Home Guards disabled in the course of their service would receive a disability pension, while they remained members of the Home Guard, equivalent to that granted to a discharged private of the Regular Army, further indications that the Home Guard was fully recognized as on equal status with the regular armed forces.


    To Their Rocket-Guns go Home Guards at the double during a practice (1) others man a 6-in. naval gun on the South Coast (5). Members are seen learning to cook at a school field kitchen (2). Traditional ceremony of searching the vaults under the Houses of Parliament (which custom began after the discovery of the Guy Fawkes plot in 1605) was carried out by Home Guards (3) on Nov 24th 1943, before the reading of the King's speech. On duty afloat with the Upper Thames patrol. (4)

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