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The Luftwaffe Protective Flight Suit

Discussion in 'Axis Aviation Of WWII' started by Jim, Sep 4, 2011.

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    1. The Luftwaffe protective flight suit used by air crews for flights in hot or summer weather. Also shown are dark brown leather gauntlets, other ranks waist belt with Luger holster.
    2. Summer weight tan-coloured flight helmet worn together with Leitz flying goggles and used with a throat microphone.
    3. An inflatable lifejacket of the type usually worn by fighter pilots and crews of two-seater aircraft.


    4. The Luftwaffe pilots badge worn on the left breast-pocket of the uniform.
    5. War Flight Bar for daytime fighter squadrons worn over the left breast-pocket above any medal ribbons of the uniform.
    6. Luftwaffe rank insignia for Oberst of the type used on protective flight clothing.
    7. Shoulder strap for an Oberleutnant from a flight instruction unit.
    8. Shoulder strap for an Unteroffizier from a signals unit.
    9. Shoulder strap for a Flieger.
    10. Collar patch for an Oberleutnant, flight section.
    11. Collar patch for a Feldwebel, signals section.
    12. Collar patch for a Flieger.


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