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The Story of Canada's Force 136

Discussion in 'WWII Today' started by The_Historian, May 19, 2017 at 9:09 AM.

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    Would like to see this exhibition.
    "There are not many WWII stories that ended up advancing the civil rights of an entire community. But a new exhibition called Rumble in the Jungle: The Story of Force 136 shares a relatively unknown part of military history that also changed the fortunes of every Chinese Canadian.
    On display at the Chinese Canadian Military Museum in Vancouver, Canada, Rumble in the Jungle tells the story of a small band of Chinese Canadians who, during WWII, were secretly seconded to British Intelligence and trained in commando-style warfare and jungle survival. Their destination: behind Japanese lines in Southeast Asia. Their mission: to seek out and train local resistance fighters, and assist with sabotage and espionage.
    Ironically, while these men were agents for the Allies, back home in Canada they were not considered citizens. Although born in Canada, these soldiers could not vote, nor could they become engineers, doctors or lawyers. Many were forced to live in segregated neighborhoods. In some cities, they were forbidden to swim in public pools and were forced to sit in the back of theaters.
    In fact, in the early years of WWII, heated debates took place as to whether Chinese Canadians should even enlist given how poorly the community was treated. Despite the arguments to not volunteer, many young Chinese Canadian men marched into recruitment offices and offered to serve. Most were told “we can take your name, but you are not likely to be called up because you are Chinese,” then shown the door.
    So why were these men suddenly in demand for a challenging, covert mission? And how did their service change the lives of all Chinese in Canada?"
    A Rumble In The Jungle: The Secret Story Of Force 136 - Commandos In WW2
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