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The U-Boat War the Start of the End

Discussion in 'Submarines and ASW Technology' started by Richard, Jan 16, 2006.

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    Jan 15, 2006
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    Hello all I wrote this article on Silent Hunter Red Devils site I copied it over here for all to see and of course here your comments what do you think.

    On the Eastern Front the battle of Stalingrad 1942/43 showed the Soviet army they could stop the German invaders, the battle of Kursk 1943 showed the Soviet army they could win the war.

    So to the point mid 1943 showed the Allies the battle of the Atlantic could be won so when did the U-Boat war showed signs of the end well this may be a bit of a surprise to you the year 1941 and here are the reasons the Atlantic was the main area of operations but all this was to change.

    The expansion of the Germany army first in to southern Europe the Balkans and Crete then in to North Africa open up the Mediterranean to the U-Boats but the chance slipping into and out of the Mediterranean was not good due to the British Naval base at Gibraltar which was well guarded.

    Then in June the German army invaded the Soviet Union opening up the Baltic and Barents Sea the U-Boats were now becoming over stretched and the number of ships sunk in the Atlantic had fallen the results in the new areas were very poor the results were not a good tactical decision.

    The main aim of the the U-Boat war was to starve Britain out of the war so it would have been better to keep the U-Boats operating in the Atlantic granted in that year the Allie progress was still on the slow side. I think this was the year that marked the start of the end and by the end of 1941 the strain was about to get worst when America entered the war.

    The long range U-Boats switched to attacking in American waters this was to become the second happy times they should have Solly concentrated in the Caribbean and targeted the oil tankers yes they did have great success but this was short lived the same for the Atlantic U-Boats should have only targeted in bound convoy's loaded with goods not out bound empty ships.

    American ship production could make up the numbers so sinking in bound ships loaded with food oil and war materials should have been the prime target not empty ships so the result is 1941 was the being of the end even if it did not look like it the data shows it was.

    So if the correct thinking was implemented may be the U-Boat war may have got in to 1944 before they lost and there is the possibility England at best restricted in the war with Germany.

    Once America entered the war any chance of a victory for the U-Boats was now lost and the slide to wards total defeat had now begun.

    I have written some other articles but I feel they should remain on the other site unless everyone here would like to read them here I will let you all decide on that one my next one we be new and posted here. [​IMG]

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