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The United States Marines-1775-1975

Discussion in 'Biographies and Everything Else' started by belasar, Apr 15, 2011.

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    The United States Marines, The First Two Hundred Years, 1775-1975
    By Brigadier General Edwin H. Simmons, USMC(Retired)
    The Viking Press, New York 1976, 273 Pages, with Maps
    AbeBooks: Used, $4.39

    This volume covers the fist 200 years of Marine Corps history, with about 1 Quarter of the book dealing with the imeadiate pre war, war and post war period. The best simple description I can give for the book is as a chronological wikipedia of the USMC. Meaning you can find something on about every Corps deployment during this period, but in limited detail.

    Readers unfamiliar with Gunboat Diplomacy in the late era of the Age of Imperialism might be dismayed or shocked by some of the actions preformed by the Corps at this time. Orders to 'burn villages' 'Take no prisoners' and summary executions of native bearers after drumhead couts on the suspision of aiding rebels to US authority would be seen as war crimes today, but quite common to all western armies operating on far away operations.

    Written in a clear, concise manner and not without a touch of humor on occasion, the book is an easy, pleasant read. It is however hard for me to reccomend it. First, as it covers the first 200 years of the Corps, much has happened since. Next there is brief nature of most enties, which offer limited detail. Finally this a hard book to find as I only found one used copy at Abebooks available. It will remain in my collection as I have nothing else that covers the early history of the Corps, but I suspect thier are better books out there on the subject.


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