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the Weather at JB 2006

Discussion in 'World War 2 Hobbies' started by aquist, Jun 4, 2006.

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    both of our battles were predicted to be rained out, it was supposed to rain at Curtiss, it didnt. at JB the TV stations were predicting 70% chance of showers for Saturday and 90% chace of T-storms for Sunday. On both occaisions I was asked as the Padre of the reenactors to pray for a break in the weather, and I did pray. And the rain stopped, it rained only at night and not at all on our three battles. Gott sei dank. It was God's will to allow these battles to occur in good weather regardless of the predictions, no sooner were they over and we were on the road back home than we had thunderstorms, Hail, tornados etc.

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