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Discussion in 'Russian Light Weapons' started by Jim, Dec 30, 2007.

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    The first Tokarev automatic pistol to see extensive service was the TT-30, but not many of these pistols had been produced before a modified design known as the TT-33 was introduced in 1933. This pistol was then adopted as the standard pistol of the Red Army to replace the Nagant revolvers that had served so well for many years. In the event the TT-33 never did replace the Nagant entirely until well after 1945, mainly because the revolver proved so reliable and sturdy under the rough active service conditions of the various fronts.

    The Tokarev TT-33 was a sturdy and hard-wearing pistol that was used throughout World War II, but it never entirely replaced the Nagant


    The TT-33 was basically a Soviet version of the Colt-Browning pistols, and used the swinging-link system of operation employed on the American M1911. However, the ever practical Soviet designers made several slight alterations that made the mechanism easier to produce and easier to maintain under field conditions, and production even went to the length of machining the vulnerable magazine feed lips into the main receiver to prevent damage and subsequent misfeeds. The result was a practical and sturdy weapon that was well able to absorb a surprising amount of hard use. By 1945 the TT-33 had virtually replaced the Nagant revolver in service and as Soviet influence spread over Europe and elsewhere so did TT-33 production. Thus the TT-33 may be found in a variety of basically similar forms, one of which is the Chinese Type 51. The Poles also produced the TT-33 for their own use and for export to East Germany and to Czechoslovakia, The Yugoslavs still have the TT-33 in production and are still actively marketing the design as the M65, North Korea has its own variant in the form of the M68. The most drastic producer of the TT-33 is Hungary, which re-jigged the design in several respects and recalibrated it for the 9-mm Parabellum cartridge. The result was known as the Tikagypt and was exported to Egypt, where it is still used by the local police forces.

    The Soviet Tokarev TT-33 in action in a well-posed propaganda photograph dating from about 1944. The officer is leading a section of assault infantry and has his pistol on the end of the usual lanyard. Snipers on all sides came to recognize these “pistol wavers” as prime targets.


    The TT-33 is now no longer used by the Soviet armed forces, who use the Markarov automatic pistol, but the TT-33 will be around for a long while yet, Despite the introduction of the Makarov many second-line and militia units within the Warsaw Pact are still issued with the TT-33 and as the type’s overall standard of design and construction was sound there seems to be no reason why they should be replaced for many years.

    Specification: [​IMG]
    Cartridge: 7,62 mm
    Length overall: 196mm (7.68 in)
    Length of barrel: 116 mm (4.57 in)
    Weight: 0.830 kg (1, 83 lb)
    Muzzle velocity: 420 m (1,380 ft) per
    Second Magazine: 8-round box
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    Tokarev TT holster

    I'm not really into weapons but if anyone on here is I have one of these holsters on it's belt. and some other Russian ones as well. Cheers

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