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Tribute to Jean L'Herminier the legless submarine commander

Discussion in 'North Africa and the Mediterranean' started by Skipper, Apr 4, 2012.

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    This is a tribute to a good man called Jean l'Herminier.

    Jean, who was a Narvik and Battle of France veteran, was a Submarine Commander in Toulon in 1942 . When the Germans arrived he managed to escape with his submarine calle dthe Casabianca , fully armed and his crew complete and sailed to Algiers and joined the Free French.

    He was an important contributor to the liberation of Corsica by allowing the first French 109 commandos to land and participate to the liberation of Bastia. He was however wounded at both legs and got severe trombosis . He neglected this condition because he wanted to stay on the field but in 1944 he had to go to the USA and have both legs amputated . He was exceptionnaly granted to stay in active service but died of his wound sin 1953 aged only 51.


    to be noticed: his sister Jeanne was a Resistant figher who was deported.

    The crew of the Casabianca Submarine in 1943


    the Casabianca
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