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Two Ton Tessie: The Story of a Willow Run B-24 Bomber

Discussion in 'Air War in the Mediterrean' started by mcoffee, Jun 29, 2017.

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    "Celebrities at Willow RunGloria Swanson was the ultimate Hollywood star. Beautiful and talented, she was a household name during the silent film era. When she visited the Willow Run Bomber Plant in October of 1943, it was a very big deal.

    By the 1940s, Gloria Swanson had been replaced on the marquee by newer names, but she was still Hollywood royalty.

    Another American icon during WWII was the mighty Willow Run Bomber Plant. Dignitaries and movie stars visited the plant to see the spectacle of B-24 Liberator heavy bombers rolling off the assembly line. When a celebrity toured Willow Run, it was customary to have them sign a bomber fresh off the assembly line while news cameras flashed. Glamorous Gloria Swanson was no exception, gracing bomber #42-52117 with her distinctive signature as the airship left the factory to begin its journey into battle."

    Two Ton Tessie: The Story of a Willow Run B-24 Bomber

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