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USA Submarine

Discussion in 'Naval Warfare in the Pacific' started by denny, Oct 22, 2013.

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    I think perhaps you're being a bit over picky. By that definition there are no CVs either, only CVNs. In reality CA/Ls, CVEs, SSs, and even PTs and PCs have been essentially replaced by comparable modern ship types in similar roles. The battleship is a little different in that it's role as the principal means of power-projection was handed off laterally to the carrier rather than forward to some descendant in the way that DDs and CA/Ls gave their missions to DDGs or SSs to SSNs. I suspect this is what GaryM was driving at. That said, your essential point is probably correct: there's only so much in common between any modern ship and a ship of seventy years ago, and at this point a steel hull might be the largest and most significant point of commonality.

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