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Waco CG-4A

Discussion in 'Allied Aviation Of WWII' started by Jim, Aug 25, 2010.

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    Known to the RAF as the 'Hadrian', Waco's CG-4A was America's only operational transport glider during the conflict. First flown in 1942, the CG-4A was particularly useful to the Allies because of its upward hinging nose which made for easy loading and unloading. Built on 16 different production lines, a grand total of 12,393 CG-4As had been delivered by the war's end.


    Waco CG-4A [​IMG]

    • TYPE: Unpowered transport glider with a flight crew of two
    • WEIGHTS: Empty 3,700 Ib (1,678 kg) Loaded 7,500 Ib (3,402 kg)
    • DIMENSIONS: Wingspan 83 ft 8 in (25.50 m) Length 48 ft 4 in (14.73 m)
    • CARGO CAPACITY: Typically 15 troops or tactical loads such as a Willys Jeep and its four man crew or a 75 mm howitzer and its crew
    • PERFORMANCE: Maximum towing speed 149 mph (240 km/h) Maximum gliding speed 120 mph (193 km/h)

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