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War Time Advice

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by Jim, Mar 4, 2012.

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    The Minister of Health's campaign in 1942 on the issue of VD highlighted the huge increase in the spread of the disease since war had begun.


    Ten plain facts about

    "It is very important under present conditions that the public should know of the existence of venereal diseases; their prevalence in war-time; how they are caused; the urgent necessity for early treatment; and where advice and treatment can be obtained." ... The Minister of Health.

    1. Venereal Diseases have increased since the war and are still increasing; 70,000 new cases are now occurring yearly among civilians alone. Venereal diseases cause much misery. They bring tragedy into many homes, and considerably damage our war effort by causing reduced efficiency and wasted hours.

    2. Ignorance and secrecy are highly dangerous. Only from a plain and frank statement of the facts can we all know what these diseases are, how they are spread, how they can be avoided and how and where they can be cured.

    3. The two principal venereal diseases are syphilis and gonorrhoea. They are caused by quite different living organisms or germs.

    4. Syphilis is a dangerous, a killing disease. If not treated early and thoroughly by a doctor it can cause serious mutilation, heart disease, paralysis, and insanity. Syphilis can be passed on to an unborn child from its mother and (unless skilled treatment is given early in pregnancy) is one of the causes of blindness, deafness, and mental defects.

    5. Gonorrhoea, though not so dangerous to life, is more serious than is generally believed, and is one of the causes of arthritis, sterility and chronic ill-health.

    6. Syphilis and gonorrhoea are almost always contracted through intercourse with an infected person. The germs of these diseases quickly die outside the human body. In practice, there fore, there is no need to fear their spread by accidental infection.

    7. Professional prostitutes are not the only source of infection. Any free-and-easy sex behaviour must mean a risk of infection an'd cannot be made safe. Clean living is the only way to escape infection—abstinence is not harmful.

    8. Venereal diseases can be cured if treated early by a specialist doctor. Advice and treatment are available at the clinics set up by County and County Borough Councils for the purpose, Treatment is free, confidential and effective. Any family doctor or Medical Officer of Health will give the address of the nearest clinic. Quack treatment or self-treatment is absolutely useless and may even be disastrous.

    9. Disappearance of the early symptoms does not necessarily mean that the patient has been cured. It is essential to continue the treatment until the doctor says it may be stopped.

    10. Anyone who has the slightest reason to suspect infection should seek medical treatment AT ONCE. A doctor or clinic should be consulted immediately about any suspicious sore or unusual discharge. It may not be venereal disease, but it is best to be sure.

    These are the signs. The first sign of syphilis is a small ulcer. It appears from 10 to 90 days after infection; usually about three weeks.

    Gonorrhoea first shows itself as a discharge which usually appears from 2 to 10 days after infection.

    Further information can be obtained IN CONFIDENCE from the local Health Department, or from the Medical Adviser, Central Council for Health Education, Tavistock House, Tavistock Square, London, W.C.i (Phone: Euston3341). (V.D.t-4)



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    Aye, i bet the public took much notice to this campaign. :silly:

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