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Wendell Fertig and His Guerilla Forces in the Philippines by Kent Holmes

Discussion in 'The Pacific and CBI' started by ColHessler, Jun 8, 2022.

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    Dec 5, 2010
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    Length: 232 pages including index

    This is the true story about Fertig and his forces on Mindanao during the Japanese occupation.

    His background was in mining and he had a reserve commission in the Army Corps of Engineers. The Japanese came in 1942, and Fertig brought together the Filipinos and Moros, who had a traditional feud going, to fight the common foe. He worked with Americans who had fled south, both Air Corps and Navy. The Japanese had only occupied the big cities and ventured from time to time to the jungle to fight.

    I like how Fertig took the initiative and welded the disparate elements together, such as the Moros and Americans, both ex-POWs and soldiers and sailors, and Philippine Constabulary men. His effort included a Syrian and a German. Their coast watching efforts paid off for the navy, especially during the battle of Surigao Strait.

    I didn't like how Holmes repeated so many things in consecutive chapters, such as the Navy commander bringing wheat flour for Communion wafers. He didn't need to say things like that multiple times.

    This is a good volume, and tells the deeds of these men well. I give it 3 stars out of 5.
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    I've read that one awhile back. Fantastic read. That would have been a great story to base an HBO 10-part mini-series on. A 2 hour movie wouldn't have did Wendell Fertig or the struggle in Mindanao any justice. Glad that you enjoyed it.
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