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WW2 soviet uniform

Discussion in 'WWII General' started by WMcAllen, Dec 21, 2014.

  1. WMcAllen

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    Nov 28, 2014
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    Hello if your reading this your probably mildly interested about this well im going to start talking about why does everyone get soviet uniforms wrong? now i dont mind in my impression my boots aren't sapogi boots (well they are but they dont have a rubberised bottom which is strange)

    But i was watching a video on youtube and noticed something which made me laugh

    Now bearing in mind this is the Victory day parade in Moscow 1985 and the idiots get the mosin nagant ammo pouches wrong :D
    now i know this is generally common as these Kirza ammo pouches are everywhere for cheap but all reenacting groups reject these pouches as the originals were leather pouches with a light brown colour.

    View attachment 21735

    The other main thing you need to look out for is helmets i fell for this one my self i bought a post war helmet off of amazon not realising that the helmet liner and chinstrap was wrong.

    This is the correct helmet;

    View attachment 21736

    This is the Wrong helmet though not that all you have to do is change the chinstrap and hope you can get away with it

    View attachment 21737

    My helmet is a different colour to this one this particular or a czech copy or maybe hungarian which is why the colour is different but all post war helmets look like this and they are generally not accepted into reenacting groups unless converted.

    This one isn't really a problem but i would like to point it out as all these boots are generally accepted;

    This is an original sapogi boot;

    View attachment 21738

    This is an east German jackboot;

    View attachment 21739

    and this is a normal kirza boot;

    View attachment 21740

    The east German Jack boot and Kirza boot are usually in the "acceptable" category they are generally much cheaper and are easier to get so dont be afraid to buy them.

    Now this is something i did wrong aswell and you NEED to get this right because its an essential piece of kit;

    This is a correct ww2 Meshok rusksack They vary in colour so dont worry if it is like this its correct;

    View attachment 21741

    This is the WRONG bag (m62 meshok)

    View attachment 21742

    [SIZE=14.4444446563721px]If you were unfortunate enough to buy one of these you MUST convert it by chopping off the ID slot the pocket and blanket straps but even then[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=14.4444446563721px]it may not be accepted.[/SIZE]

    This is all i will do for now if you have any questions just comment and i will tell you because theres a lot more to be done but i thought i would cover this first as these are frequent things that go wrong.

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  2. Smiley 2.0

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    Dec 2, 2014
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    The Land of the Noble Steed
    This isn't mildly interesting, I find it very interesting actually. This is one of those little details that not a lot of people pay attention to that should be noticed.
  3. WMcAllen

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    Nov 28, 2014
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    Yeah i thought i would upload this as there doesnt seem to be much about it on this site, to be honest i dont know much about other countries reenacting details apart from the fact everyone seems to have a US uniform with German boots belt and gun. It also seems a shame how theres so many detailed websites about how to be an authentic German or SS soldier but not much about the british or soviets

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