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WWII-era bombs found in NE Columbia, South Carolina

Discussion in 'Living History' started by Keystone Two-Eight, May 16, 2010.

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    COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Ten homes were evacuated after two World War II-era bombs were found in a South Carolina neighborhood.

    Multiple media outlets reported the bombs were found by a man digging in his yard Tuesday afternoon northeast of Columbia.

    Richland County Sheriff's spokeswoman Monique Mack says the department's bomb squad found one of the 250-pound bombs had a small explosive charge still attached.

    Mack says the homes were evacuated for several hours. The bombs were taken to a vacant lot and destroyed.
    Mack says the bomb squad is called out several times a year to dispose of old military ordinance. What were then rural parts of Richland County were used for military training during World War II.

    WWII-era bombs found in NE Columbia - State & Regional - Wire - TheState.com

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