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WWII Veterans in North Carolina

Discussion in 'Living History' started by Keystone Two-Eight, Feb 18, 2009.

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    All I can add is HELL YEAH!!! God Bless rotary 7680!!!

    Flight of Honor~Rotary District 7680 Air Project

    Welcome to Rotary District 7680 Flight of Honor The Flight of Honor is a service project of Rotary District 7680 which honors the lives, valor and courage of World War II veterans who live in mid-western North Carolina.
    Rotary District 7680 is pleased to announce their continuation of the vision and objective of North Carolina’s Jeff Miller, Honor Air, to send every local World War II Veteran to see the WWII Memorial in Washington, DC. The Memorial was completed in 2004 and since then has been witnessed by many people young and old, non-Veterans and Veterans. Thousands of our World War II Veterans have been taken to the Memorial each year through the generous support of corporate sponsors, family members and others in our caring communities.
    On Saturday April 18th, 2009 Rotary District 7680 will sponsor 100 Veterans to Washington, DC for their 1st Flight of Honor on a chartered U.S. Air flight. This being the first year, Rotary District 7680 is seeking financial support from corporations, churches, civic clubs and individuals from our surrounding counties. In addition, District 7680 is soliciting financial support from each of its 52 Rotary Clubs.
    [​IMG]Rotary District 7680 includes 14 counties in central North Carolina. There are 52 Clubs in this District with over 3,000 Rotarians who provide their time and talent towards the Rotary International goal of “Service Above Self”.

    A Letter from the Governor
    [​IMG] Bob Wilson Rotary District 7680 in mid-western North Carolina is proud to sponsor this Flight of Honor program to celebrate the lives of World War II veterans and to extend one additional “Thank You” for what our fathers, mothers, grandparents and friends did over a half century ago

    As I have crisscrossed our Rotary District from West Jefferson to Rockingham and from Shelby to Salisbury, I have met Rotarians who hit the Beach at Normandy, who served in the Third Army with Patton, who were shot down in B-17’s over Germany and who served on Destroyers and Hospital Ships in the Pacific. These Rotarians were young men and women then, and today most are in their eighties. Their greatest legacy to us is what they have taught us—patience, compassion, human rights, a love of God and country, and the enrichment gained by exploring diversity in our lives. We owe them much, besides winning the War!
    Rotary is neither a religious nor a political organization, but because it is neither, Rotary is perfectly suited to sponsor this program and to offer the citizens of our communities an opportunity to participate in this worthwhile tribute. I strongly encourage the Rotary clubs in District 7680 to embrace this program and celebrate the lives of the World War II Veterans who live in their communities.
    Thank you for your support,

    Bob Wilson, Governor

    Rotary District 7680

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