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51st Highland Division

Discussion in 'The War In Normandy' started by Jim, Dec 30, 2010.

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    Celebrating its three months freedom from the Nazi oppressors, the Normandy seaport of St. Valery-en-Caux, on December 12, 1944, gave a lusty welcome to the famous 51st Highland Division, the men who had come back. In June 1940 after fighting a valiant rearguard action around the town, the 51st were finally forced to surrender. Just over four years later men of the same division retook St. Valery. Its liberation was marked by a day of ceremonies when officers and men of the Scottish Division were toasted at a banquet held in their honour. Followed a parade and a church service of thanksgiving to which the whole town gathered. Later, an impressive service was held in the cemetery and wreaths were laid on the graves of the men of the Division who fell in 1940. Headed by their pipes and drums, the "Jock's" (top) march to the church; (below) sounding the Last Post for the fallen.


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