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A soldiers world: D-day.

Discussion in 'Non-fiction' started by Twig, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Twig

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    Sep 15, 2009
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    I'm making a new series of short stories called 'a soldiers world'.
    This is the first story in my series, Omaha beach.

    A Soldiers World
    WW2, Western Front.
    101st American Infantry Division.

    We're on a huge transport ship, I've been on it for over 2 days and i still haven't gotten used to it.
    It was 5 hours until we reached our destination...Omaha Beach.

    One of my buddies from the airborne division was coming down the hall, wasn't he supposed to be in France?
    "What are you doing here? You should be in France destroying defenses!"
    "Uh...One of our planes went out of control over the ocean, i survived the crash into the water and swam here..."
    He continued walking down the hall and then turned left into the medical bay.

    I heard some yell 'Krauts!!!'
    I ran up deck and saw German planes zooming past and then returning the way they came.
    "****!!, they know we're here now!!"
    "Look on the bright side, the planes were scouts....they could have been bombers."

    I looked to where the planes were heading, i could see the beach.
    Then suddenly, the ship stopped...and so did all the rest of the ships in this fleet.
    The cannons started firing at the beach.
    They didn't do much except make craters for cover.

    We were loaded into these smaller boats, quite simple mini transport ships.
    As we got closer to the shore, our men were being picked off by snipers, we were forced to duck.
    And with all that gear in my backpack, ooohhh..it hurt trying to crouch.
    We were the first to hit to the beach.

    As soon as we landed, I ran to a criss-cross. (that was what i called those 'X shaped tank stoppers'
    I saw many of my friends and comrades get cut down by the machine guns, even if they were behind criss-crosses.
    I ran into a crater, that was better than those thin pieces of metal that they call 'cover'.
    I pulled out my M1 Garand and took aim at the machine gunners.
    Every time I was about to shoot, the machine guns fired at me.

    It was impossible to 'shoot' the beach defenses.
    We needed explosives, or snipers.
    Anti-armor sniper maybe? No...that's stupid...
    I heard someone yelling "COVER ME!! I'M BRINGING THE BANG AND BOOM!!"

    He was carrying dynamite that could very well be the only way of getting off the beach.
    I ran over to him and my helmet was shot off by a lucky Kraut.
    While he was setting the boom up, I was laying suppressing fire on the krauts that weren't in a bunker.
    I didn't want to bring attention from the machine guns.

    3, 2, 1...KABLOOEH
    One bunker was blown to bits, but that caused attention.
    Every kraut on the beach was now on to us.
    We just ran forward like there was no tomorrow, unfortunately..the chances of death were 100 to 1..so I probably won't see tomorrow.
    :cool:You like?:cool:
  2. Artem

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    Jul 19, 2010
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    Welcome to the forums.

    Try to enhance the atmosphere of these events a bit more. Give the personages a bit more character so the reader connects with them. If you want to write a short 'stories', then remember, somebody who knows nothing about WW2 should be able to pick up your paper and picture in their heads everything that you have going on in yours.

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