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Azeville Battery Layout

Discussion in 'Azeville battery' started by Jim, Jun 12, 2011.

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    Legend of the layout at Azeville as June 6, 1944

    1: Casemate No. 1 Regelbau Type H-671 bunker that was built last, a 3.7 cm anti-aircraft had been built on its roof. This bunker is currently a museum.

    2: Casemate No. 2 Regelbau Type H-671 The main command post and communications had been installed. The casemates No. 1 and No. 2 had been connected by embankment of earth.

    3: Casemate No. 3 Regelbau Type H-650.

    4: Casemate No. 4 Regelbau Type H-650, a position for a 3.7 cm anti-aircraft had been built during the work.

    5: Shelter semi-underground type R (Regelbau) 621 shelter for 10 personnel.

    6: Shelter semi-underground type R 134 SK for pharmacy and nursing station, which also contained a generator.

    7: 2 semi-buried shelters of the type 2b VF shelter campaign strengthened; unused ammunition bunker, then served the northern part of the first command post of the battery as officer quarters.

    8: Concrete observation post with a rotating machine gun.

    9: Tobruk concrete position for one man; a design of Rommel, the first models had been made at the end of fighting in North Africa.

    10: 4 small concrete shelters or observation positions for MG.


    11: Position containing an MG.

    12: 2 infantry bunkers for ammunition.

    13: Underground tunnel made from concrete.

    14: Tunnel improvised, not concrete, covered by curved corrugated iron.

    15: Entry of the concrete tunnel network.

    16: Trenches straight without zigzags at the flak position.

    17: Trench ending in a position to campaign for MG, 45 meters northeast.

    18: Water wells in the tunnel.

    19: 2 sources that held water tanks.

    20: One of four former concrete platforms on which were placed 10.5 cm cannons before the completion, when finalised It then placed a 3.7 cm anti-aircraft, which was subsequently installed on the roof of the bunker 4.

    21: Barrack that held the Casino.

    22: Water station used incase of fire.

    23: Place for current car parking at the museum.

    24: The house where the commander at Azeville, Hauptmann Dr. Treiber, had his quarters.

    25: Storage of building materials.

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