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Buying WW1 memorabilia online

Discussion in 'World War One Forum' started by Mugger War44, Sep 13, 2016.

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    Sep 12, 2016
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    Hi folks. As an ex-serviceman and military history enthusiast, the last 2 years have been of significant interest to me as the centenary of WW1 is commemorated. The poppy display at the Tower of London, England, was particularly poignant in my opinion. I have a number of pieces of memorabilia from both World Wars that I am very fond of and I cherish deeply. But I’m interested to source more if possible and for the right price. I am particularly interested in military watches. Now the problem that I face is that now living in Australia, I do not have the ease of access to the flea markets of the UK and mainland Europe as I once did, leaving online purchases as my best option to find the better deals available. I’ve found this website here in Australia that lists and compares all the listings for sale on the classified ads and auction websites: http://www.australia.for-sale.com/ Pretty useful I thought. But I was just wondering what experiences others have had buying such items online from private individuals? Any problems? Any advice would be truly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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