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Children of NSB (nationaalsocialistische beweging)

Discussion in 'History of Holland and Belgium during World War I' started by MichaelBully, Jun 9, 2019.

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    Some fascinating research has been going in The Netherlands about the experiences of the children of collaborators, particularly those who were born into families involved in the Dutch Fascist party the NSB ( who had around 100,000 members in 1940). A first step is to try to work how many children would be in the position of having parents who were 'foute', had been tested and proved to be in the wrong, during the War, when the Germans left.

    As many as 25,000 men from The Netherlands fought for the Germans in the invasion of the Soviet Union and already had children , though a number of these would be NSB members. There were other collaborators who had not been particularly committed to the NSB. And then there were women who had children following relationships with Germans. One estimate from 1965 suggested that as many 300,000 children faced varying degrees of stigma in post-war society due to their parents wrong choices.
    Trying to look for work that has been published in English.

    For the moment, drawing heavily on this Dutch language website
    Kinderen van 'Foute' Ouders | Stichting Werkgroep Herkenning

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