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CZ 27 Gestapo and Polish pistol ..with suppressor

Discussion in 'Small Arms and Edged Weapons' started by bronk7, Mar 27, 2021.

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    May 5, 2013
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    ..I was watching Forgotten Weapons about a German CZ27 pistol and a Polish Ministry of Public Security one from the Cold War ..I have a wartime CZ27 and have researched them a lot..... it says the Gestapo and the ''Secret Police''' used these suppressors, which I think is interesting.....has any one ever read stories about them being used?

    ..also, what's different and puzzling about the markings/etc:
    --the German pistol has ''1944'' stamped on it ....in all my research, I've never seen the year stamped on a wartime CZ27
    --the markings on the Polish pistol match my German wartime model, not their German pistol...
    --my pistol has the German waffenamt and proof eagle--I do not see the waffenamt on their German pistol ...
    ..so, I see some inconsistencies......??? very puzzling

    ...they disassemble the suppressors/etc if you are interested in that kind of stuff

    their German pistol pic from :.28 mark..I don't see the waffenamt....it could be there, but I can't see it

    my pistol with waffenamt

    their Polish pistol
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