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Deathride shatters some of the Stalin-Hitler myths and Operation Barbarossa

Discussion in 'ETO, MTO and the Eastern Front' started by PzJgr, Aug 2, 2012.

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    They could hardly do worse,actually an allied offensive could be a better proposition than what happened historically, the biggest allied weakness was the terrible reaction cycle and that is a lot less important in attack than in defence.
    No doubt about that, but attrition victories are not the fastest and are usually the bloodiest.

    The axis leaders (in their sane moments) knew they couldn't win an attrition war, Hitler gambled he could win using surprise, shock and ruthlessness despite the numerical, resource and production capacity disadvantage. The more I read on the attack on the USSR the more it seams to me that the Germans relied on the shock of the initial defeats to bring around a collapse of the communist state, unfortunately for them they underestimated Stalin's ability organize and motivate a resistince, once it got down to attrition they were doomed, sooner or later the red army would learn from it's mistakes and the "short tailed" Wehrmacht would be unable to repeat the 1941 successes once it got too far from it's production centers.

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