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Dortmund-Ems and Mittelland Canal Raids 1940-1945

Discussion in 'Air War in Western Europe 1939 - 1945' started by Fred Wilson, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. Fred Wilson

    Fred Wilson "The" Rogue of Rogues

    Sep 19, 2007
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    Vernon BC Canada
    I found a fairliy good start at a website dedicated to the Dortmund-Ems and Mittelland Canal Raids 1940-1945.
    See: http://bomberhistory.co.uk/canal_raids

    617 Squadron made several famous raids on the canals: http://www.dambusters.org.uk/after-the-dams/raids/dortmund/
    (I am named after Fred Sutherland of the Dambusters) http://www.dambusters.org.uk

    I was surprized that I did not find a thread already dedicated to this topic here ... or on our sister site http://ww2talk.com/

    Any further information would be greatly appreciated.

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