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Enigma code breaking cipher

Discussion in 'Atlantic Naval Conflict' started by kartengruppe.it, Sep 21, 2015.

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    Feb 23, 2015
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    Notice to Mariners: please, read following message:

    """The German Meteorology Service needed weather reports from the North Sea and the North Atlantic to prepare their weather synoptics charts. They get information from U-Boats operating in these areas which eniciphered them with a four rotors Enigma machine. To minimise allied interceptio, the weather report was condensed by translating the met observations into a series of short codes using the Weather Short Code Book (M.DvNr.443 Wetterkurtzschluessel).
    But someone in Bletchley Park used the code books captured from U559 in October 1942 to descrypt U-Boat messages ... changing world war course""".

    On my site I uploaded a new section with Weather Synoptic secret charts, issued by Brest U-Boat Base Sevice (LINK)

    by www.kartengruppe.it

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